When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

Many car owners in the San Diego area know how frustrating a dead car battery can be. Similar to any other type of battery, your need to replace a vehicle’s battery when it is dying. Unfortunately, car batteries often show little to no signs of trouble before they go out. This makes it difficult to determine when a new car battery is necessary. Here are some facts about car batteries to help you get a better understanding of how they operate and how to know when to replace them.


The average car battery lasts for approximately four years, but it can last for over five if taken care of properly. However, batteries may fail sooner than intended depending on how the owner uses and maintains the car. If a car owner has a habit of forgetting to turn their lights off, this can lead to your battery dying earlier than it should.


Impaired charging systems can result in a battery being over or under charged on a regular basis, which may cause a battery to die prematurely. If you think your battery is having electrical issues, be sure to get it examined as soon as possible.


Nowadays, cars have several computers directing and monitoring the vehicle’s systems. While these tend to drain batteries at a small rate, they continue to use the battery even when the car is in parking mode. This usage can add up over time and cause a battery to die when no one is using the car.


While most people are accustomed to batteries situated beneath the hood, all cars do not have the battery positioned in the same location. The placement of the battery varies according to the make and model of the car in question. Some cars feature vehicles with batteries in several areas under the hood, beneath seating, in the trunk, and on the sides of the car’s engine. This can make installing a car battery difficult for someone who does not have extensive familiarity with the make and model. It is always a good idea to have a professional install a new battery rather than attempting to do it yourself.

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