The Jaguar, an Increasingly Reliable Vehicle

The Jaguar is a leading name in British luxury and style. This vehicle has been a symbol of British engineering for quite some time. The royal family has long supported this car brand, and it has a rich history in quality and style. One question that does arise is the question of reliability, where the Jaguar has traditionally scored low. In recent years, this has improved, but a potential purchaser is left to question why these issues seem to arise.

What Issues Have Been Seen?

Over the years, there have been some questions of dependability when it comes to the Jaguar. The good news is that the company continuously works to improve these issues. When looking at the numbers, there is a clear growth in reliability. While there are still some issues, there have also been great strides in improvement. Some of the common issues a person might encounter are: 

  • Suspension—especially with the Jaguar, the suspension is prone to wear and tear.
  • Windscreen wiper failure—The wipers tend to need replacement a bit more often in a Jaguar compared to a similar vehicle.
  • Water leaks—This issue tends to be noticed in the boot and front footwells. This can be caused by faulty outer seals.

How Should I Feel About This?

Any consumer who researches this vehicle will see reports and articles on these past issues. While there are still some problems, many of the most significant complaints have been addressed. Each year the Jaguar improves its numbers in reliability. If you are someone who loves the feel and style of the Jaguar, you may feel the potential repairs are ultimately worth having the potential issues of repairs. 

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