Dealerships vs. Independents

At The British Garage, we hope that your vehicle is running well. We know you have a choice about where to take your car for service and we wanted to talk about choices in this post.

Dealerships vs. Independents

You have choices. Everything in life is a choice, isn’t it? Well, the facility you chose for servicing your car is no different. You can choose between home-brewed coffee or Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, right? Well, you can also choose an alternative to the dealership. Now, I know I’m “preaching to the choir” for some of you, but for those of you who aren’t sure about going with an independent to service your Land Rover, let’s talk about the differences.

What is the most important factor in deciding where to take your car? Is it price? Is it service? Is it quality? Is it the extra conveniences that the dealership sometimes has to offer? Is it as simple as having a clean place for you to wait with your kids? At The British Garage, we strive to meet every one of these criteria for our clients when they are selecting where to take their business and their car.


Who isn’t worried about their budget in these turbulent times?  Compare the difference.  The average hourly rate at the dealership is typically $150.00/hour or even higher.  At The British Garage, the hourly rate is $105.00/hour, and we believe our services are on par or superior to what you will receive at the dealership.  So, if price is your main criteria, The British Garage is your best value.

We recognize that we are in the business of providing service to our customers, not the other way around. The dealership isn’t a bad choice… if you have a brand new car. But what if, like us, you want to keep your vehicle running and recycle it by repairing instead of throwing it away? Will the dealer still treat you as a valued and trusted customer? Will they still pay for your rental? Are your services and repairs covered under warranty? At The British Garage, we have a customer concierge program with shuttle service, rental car options. Service without the expense and the hassle. And, you don’t have to buy a new car every 2 years to get it.

Quality. Our technicians are professionally factory trained and we use only the best quality parts. We expect top level service and quality repairs from our staff so that you can get on with your life with as little interruption as possible from your vehicle. No one else, including the dealership and our other competitors appreciate that your vehicle is the tool you need to run your life. Period. We get it at The British Garage.

So, it’s all about choices. We hope that we covered the most common criteria when deciding where to take your car. Give us a call (858) 689-8900 if you need to talk it over with our Service Consultant. See you soon!

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